Natural Gas Grill – Buying Guide

What is a Natural Gas Grill?

A Natural gas grill is a cooking device which is powered by natural gas fuel. Natural gas is a nonrenewable fuel source made up mostly of methane. In addition to small amounts of other gases such as helium, carbon dioxide, and also nitrogen. The main benefit of these designs over standard liquid lp versions is that the gas originates from a continual tube on your residence. so there is no demand to get rid of and also re-fill the gas storage tanks as the gas never runs out.

Are Best Outdoor Natural Gas Grills Safe?

As long as meticulously shutoff the shutoffs when not required, these models are completely secure to use. It suggested having an inside as well as an outdoor shutoff for more safety and security. And also you ought to open up the shutoffs just when you prepare to prepare.

You must want that grill fires occur typically, specifically if there is a great deal of debris as well as grease which can quickly catch fire. If you enlighten yourself as well as take the required preventative measures. There is no significant danger to making use of a barbecue grill.

What are the Benefits of Using Gas over Fluid Gas?

Although liquid lp is a lot more prominent and commonly utilized. Food preparation with natural gas fuel has its own advantages:

  • Gas is less expensive than fluid gas
  • Directly connected to your house line with a hosepipe
  • Easy to configuration & no demand to replace propane containers
  • A lot more eco-friendly – Fewer exhausts
  • Less exhaust and also less fumes

How to Select the Best Natural Gas Grill

There are a few points you must acquaint on your own before acquiring a natural gas grill:

What Grill Dimension Do I Need?

One of the first things to think about when picking a grill is what size you need.

In many cases, you can get a far better understanding of the grill’s dimension by determining your family size. The number of individuals is you most likely to cook for, your garden space, etc

Doing so will certainly help you get a better idea if you require a very large grill, sufficient to cook food for outdoor events & feed crowds of individuals or you just require a regular grill that can easily cook food for 3-4 people.

The quantity of people is probably the most crucial point to consider. As it will assist you identify the best dimension for your following grill.

The good news is, most gas grills come in different dimensions. And also are huge sufficient to cook food for a big group of people without any problems.

A couple of questions to ask on your own in order to quickly identify the required grill size are:

  • Are you going to frequently cook for a large crowd?
  • Are you going to prepare entire chicken, such as a 20-pound turkey for example?
  • Do you generally prepare simply a couple of hamburgers or steaks?

How Many Burners Do I Need?

The smallest natural gas grill features only 2 heaters, which appropriates for a two to three people household.

There are medium-sized models with 3-5 burners, which can prepare food for up to 7 people in one round. As well as there are huge designs that feature 6 or even more heaters. Big sufficient to cook food for huge crowds and large family members.

I would certainly suggest you go for a medium-size version, with 3-5 burners as it is the most effective burner-price ratio you can get. You get adequate power for a whole household. Or a group of close friends without having to invest a number of countless dollars.

Likewise, one more benefit of having 3 or even more heaters is the capacity to cook with various methods such as placing food on one side and utilizing indirect heat to cook it. And also if your grill is large enough, you can improvise as well as try to use it as a smoker.

Just How High of BTUs should my grill have?

The BTUs are actually measured relying on the dimension of the natural gas grill. This indicates that if the grill has a tiny food preparation area. It will heat up faster and won’t require high BTUs. As well as, on the other hand, if the food preparation surface is big. The heat spreads much more, so you must seek a 35,000 BTUs or higher model.

What Sort of Burner is Ideal?

When it concerns burners, they are as essential as any other element on the natural gas grill.

Burner Product & Building

The most effective burners are made from state-of-the-art stainless-steel. That makes them durable as well as supplying the very best outcomes. Any other burner constructed from the different products should stay clear of.

Stainless steel product is not just high quality and long-lasting. However, it requires minimal upkeep when compared to various other kinds. There are additionally cast iron burners. That is popular however if they spoil or break, it can be expensive to repair. As for lightweight aluminum steel burners, they are a lot more budget-friendly but they are not really resilient and also will not last as long as cast iron or stainless-steel burners.

All the included products on this checklist have actually heaters made of stainless steel, so you don’t need to fret about studying regarding the heater’s product.

Heater Forming

When it comes to forming, burners can come as bowties, H-shaped, E-shaped, tubes, etc. The shape is not very essential as long as they are effectively placed under the surface to spread the warmth evenly across the entire surface.

Infrared Heater

Infrared Burners are incredibly popular as they utilize infrared radiant energy to cook food. They are extensively known as a searing burner and also can heat up faster. As well as offer even warmer than a conventional burner. These kinds of heaters can reach up to 1000-1400 ° F, which make the surface area of the food to produce a collection of chain reactions as well as create the process of ‘scorching’.

Various other advantages of infrared heaters include more effectiveness, faster preheating, far better searing, higher cooking temperature levels.

However, should you purchase a gas grill with an infrared heater? Well, It is constantly excellent to have such a burner on your grill, particularly if you cook steak and meat often.

Infrared technology is easy to use and will have you prepare food much faster when compared to conventional burners. Consequently, the makers have actually begun to offer a separate infrared version for their products by calling them ‘sear areas’ or ‘sear heater’. This is mostly because these sorts of burners do not have temperature control and such high temperatures can just be utilized for searing.

On our checklist, there are a couple of models that have an added infrared burner on the side. Or an infrared rotisserie heater over the food preparation surface area for better room monitoring.

Side Heater

Side burner will certainly constantly be available in useful when you don’t intend to go inside the cooking area to prepare, warm or prepare a side recipe while your steak is barbecuing.

A few of the advantages of having a side heater on your grill are:

  • Perfect for Preparing Side Cuisines
  • Don’t Need to Use the Range on the Kitchen area
  • Boosted Performance
  • You can examine your cooking food while cooking the side dish
  • It deals with pot, pan or wok.
  • Can be made use of as back up when the power heads out

Trustworthy Ignition

Having a trustworthy ignition system will certainly conserve you tons of headaches. 2 of the most used ignition systems on modern-day grills are the Quartz or Piezo ignition system as well as the Alkaline battery system.

The Quartz based ignition uses a tiny hammer to strike a quartz plate and create a stimulate to brighten the gas. While the battery system utilizes the voltage of the battery to complete a circuit and develop a trigger.

Both systems can be located on either push-a-button or transform handle kind.


If you are uncertain if gas grills are far better than fluid lp, then you can choose a model. That provides the capacity to transform to the opposite fuel type.

It is not unusual for propane grills to quickly convert to make use of a gas line by simply making use of a simple package and watching an on-line tutorial.

Most prominent brands, such as Weber, Char-Broil, Broil King, etc. supply their items in two variations. Liquid lp or all-natural, so converting to the other variation is rather simple.
In the last years, there has been a propensity to convert liquid gas models to gas as it is much cheaper fuel to be made use of, especially if you do a great deal of cooking.

Extra Space and Side Tables

As many all-natural grills are usually made use of for huge crowds or barbecuing fanatics. Having some extra functioning area as well as side tables are constantly satisfying. You can organize your barbecuing tools on the side racks so you won’t require to go within when you need something.

Likewise, having 1 or 2 side tables to prepare your food prior to putting it to grill is constantly appreciated by lots of people.

Added Attributes to Take Into Consideration

The extra functions as well as the other parts are as essential as the heaters and also the food preparation dimension

One more thing you should take into consideration is the cooking grates material. They are most likely to be greatly utilized and need to be made of really sturdy products. Some recommended materials are bonded stainless steel, porcelain-enameled steel or actors iron. All these materials are very long-lasting as well as will certainly give a great heat circulation across the surface area is being properly kept.

We think that the best kind of cooking grates are stainless-steel versions. They are mostly used on high-end designs and are rustproof, simple to clean as well as offer great performance.

Additionally, one added feature you ought to consider is the Flavorizer bars. They are made use of to vaporize and funnel away juices and drippings falling from the cooking grates, so there is no risk of fire or flare-ups. In addition to this, the evaporated juices contribute to increasing the flavor of the food and also making it much more scrumptious.

Finally, it is the thermostat or built-in thermostat. Many models have actually included a thermometer, either located on the hood or inside the control board, which will provide you the temperature of the grate as well as the food preparation temperature level. Understanding the cooking temperature is a function which most will certainly take pleasure in as it will certainly tell you if your food is properly being prepared. Remember that most meats require to be cooked at specific temperature levels for maximum taste as well as juiciness, so an integrated thermometer would be ideal.

Which Features Enable Better Heat Control?

If you wish to have total control over the grill’s heat, then you must look for models with attributes like limitless control valve setups and separate ignitions for every burner. The infinite shutoff feature will allow you to play with direct and indirect heating techniques as you can regulate the precise quantity of heat your meat is getting. Normally, dual-tube heaters additionally supply a lot more accuracy and also warmth circulation.

Just How to Effectively Tidy my Grill?

One of the primary worries about grills is that you must continually clean up and maintain them to get the best possible results. Some designs are tougher to maintain than others yet in general, stainless-steel material and components made from porcelain-enameled coating are simpler to clean up.

Additionally, brands such as Weber have progressed oil management systems that capture all the additional oil in a nonreusable pan for easier cleaning. You just merely need to remove the tray as well as throw out the grease.

When it comes to cooking grates, a lot of grills are developed to have removable food preparation grates. So you can easily junk the food deposit from the surface area.

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